Guest Students

Guest Student Program

The Guest Student Program has been suspended for fall 2022.

The Guest Student Program supports a limited number of students who wish to pursue part-time non-residential undergraduate-level academic work during the fall and spring semesters and Summer Session, outside of a university degree program.

Please note that enrollment as a Guest Student is approved on a semester-by-semester basis and should not be considered an alternate pathway to enrollment as a full-time undergraduate degree student.

To be eligible for the Guest Student Program you must either:

  • Have already earned an undergraduate degree or
  • Be a current senior in high school with permission to take college-level courses from your home school in the fall or spring semester. If a high school senior is interested in taking college-level courses during Summer Session, they should review the Pre-Baccalaureate Program and apply using the pre-college program application, available through the Pre-College website in early December.

Complete the Guest Student application no later than four weeks before the semester begins.

Admission to the program is based on a number of factors. Applications are reviewed holistically, taking into consideration relevant required materials, specifically,

  • Transcripts; 
  • Letter of Support; and 
  • Personal Statement
    • Personal statements should detail your interest in taking coursework at Brown University. We ask that you please identify the specific course(s) you wish to take, and be sure to state how your experience meets the listed prerequisites, if any, of the course(s).
  • Completed Application Form

Spring Application
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Summer Application
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Once accepted, Guest Students can request to enroll in up to two on-campus course(s) in a single semester, or Session, for credit or not for credit. Different fees apply depending on the Guest Student’s engagement with the course. Once accepted, the Guest Student will contact the respective faculty member to request approval to enroll in their course, and then inform the Registrar (with appropriate completed forms) as well as the Division of the outcome ( Details of this process will be provided in the acceptance communication. Guest Students should not contact faculty prior to being accepted into the program. Accepted Guest Students can learn more about course offerings through Courses @ Brown.

Application Fee $75
Tuition for one course taken for credit $7,618
Tuition for one course taken for no credit $500

Guest Students must abide by the University’s Code of Conduct and all related policies covering expected behavior in the classroom and when engaged with the Brown community, including those related to COVID-19. Brown University implemented a requirement that all community members who will be living and/or learning on campus must be vaccinated by July 1, 2021. Guest Students will be required to provide proof of full vaccination status prior to enrollment in any in-person courses. More information about this process, including protocols related to requesting medical or religious exemptions to this policy, will be provided in communications to accepted students. Failure to abide by these policies may result in a rescinding of course enrollment.

Guest Students are allowed to enroll in a maximum of six courses over ten years. 

International Students

During Summer Session enrolling in two courses constitutes a full course of study, and enables the Division to issue supporting documentation. Participation in the Fall and Spring semesters does not constitute full-time study.

Based on visa guidelines, accepted Guest Students who require an F-1 visa to attend on-campus courses, must submit all supporting documentation by April 18, 2022. Students who do not submit supporting documents, or who enroll after this date without appropriate authorization, will be unable to attend in-person courses.

Please contact if you have questions about the Guest Student Program.

Current Baccalaureate Students

The Office of College Admissions supports the Visiting Undergraduate Program. To be eligible for that program, you must be a current bachelor's degree student. For more information about the Visiting Undergraduate Student Program and how to apply, please visit the Undergraduate Admission website.